ZEST FEST: New Vaudeville Festival           26-30 December                                                   Location: Strawbery Banke Museum             14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth NH

King Pong

KING PONG / 26 & 27 December @2pm

Variously identified as a visual comic, performance artist, new vaudevillian, mime (gasp), physical comedian, storyteller, magician, and fool, he claims only to be a clown...and not a very traditional clown at that. He has appeared in such prestigious venues as the New York International Festival of Clown Theater, Festival D’Ete in Quebec, the General Jackson Showboat at Opryland USA, the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Suitable for audiences of all ages.

THE YOYO SHOW / 28 & 29 December @2pm


John & Rebecca Higby bring back that nostalgic toy, the Yo-yo, reminding audiences of old favorite tricks such as Walk the Dog and Rock the Baby, then amazing them with new and bizarre tricks, such as Boingy-Boingy and Iron Whip.  Yo-yos attached to bouncy balls, yo-yos with 10-foot strings, and multiple yo-yos looping while unicycling are just some of their finely tuned feats. High skill and deft timing to swingin' music coupled with high energy and sarcastic humor make the Yo-Yo Show a favorite for every age.  As seen on David Letterman, John holds a Guinness World Record, a Yo-Yo World Champion title, and has performed in over 20 countries.  suitable for audiences of all ages.

December 30 @2pm • Leland Faulkner 

World of Wonders

Leland Faulkner charms audiences with the actor’s imagination, the mime’s skill, and the conjuror’s craft. Beginning with the amazing and lost art of shadowgraphs or hand shadows, Leland conjures up an amazing menagerie of silhouetes using only his hands. Discover classical magic from the Far East as a Japanese magician lets folded paper butterflies fill the air with color in a beautiful homage to Old Japan. Suitable for audiences of all ages.

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