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Paradox Teatro: MIGRACIONES

August 26 - 28

As an international company, Paradox takes full advantage of puppetry’s portability. As soon as it was formed in 2017, the duo took the show on the road. “We christened our company that summer by touring Europe with a suitcase-sized travel performance,” says Padilla. The pair also has a nimble mindset when it comes to language. “Combining puppetry with video projection and live music allows us to layer ideas without relying on words,” Steinman says.

The couple takes this idea to heart when it comes to performing across borders. Their original production, Migraciones, was developed with the support of a Jim Henson Foundation grant (an especially fitting honor in light of Padilla’s stint as the assistant director of Monstruos Supersanos, a Sesame Street spin-off, in Mexico City). Their recent US tour took them to New York’s Puppet Fringe Festival, the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, and the Open Eye Figure Theatre in Minneapolis.

The story of Migraciones is inspired by the duo’s shared fear of increasingly harsh US-Mexico border restrictions and the potential loss of a future together, Padilla says. “We needed to talk in our show about it, bringing more awareness to the subject, and also in honor of all the people whose needs push them to migrate far away from their homes forever.” 

Peter Dimuro

Peter Dimuro


November 11 - 13

Peter DiMuro is a performer, choreographer, director, teacher, and arts engager. He is currently the Executive Artistic Director of Dance Complex in Cambridge, one of Boston's major dance centers. Since 2013, DiMuro has been an enterprising leader who has worked tirelessly to help grow the organization. DiMuro was a rising young dancer in Boston before joining the internationally-acclaimed Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, where he spent many years as a performer, lead artist, and ultimately, Artistic Director. He also directs Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion, an inter-generational company of diverse dancers and artists that develops performance works and promotes arts literacy and engagement.

Five Episodes Facing Dusk and One Possible Dawn begins with a solo performed by Peter followed by an improvisational piece blending the work of a small group of movement artists. This group piece asks some questions and posits some answers--aloud and movement—in response to Peter’s solo. It plays with the idea of gift giving—how we say “please" and "thank you,” or "I have a gift for you...would you like it?” lt explores how we can re-learn grace and humor in these days heading out of COVID and our concerns with our imperfect pasts.

Peabody Pew

Pontine Theatre


November 25 - December 4

Each season, Pontine’s artistic directors ring in the holiday season by staging a selection of stories and poems by New England authors. This year’s program features an original staging of Donald Hall’s “Christmas Snow,” written for the New Yorker Magazine in 1964. In the story, Hall recounts a holiday trip to Eagle Pond Farm, his grandfather’s home in Wilmot New Hampshire in 1938, when he was ten years old. This memoir blends reminiscences, anecdotes and vignettes that capture continuity of family and the quiet delights of rural life.

Underwritten by Piscataqua Savings Bank.
Special thanks to The Estate of Donald Hall.


Tannis Kowalchuk


February 3 - 5

What better place than a compost heap to explore life, death, rot, and regeneration?

Decompositions is a new solo performance written and performed by Farm Arts Collective founding farmer and artistic director, Tannis Kowalchuk

It is a series of personal (de)compositions, stories, and songs composed around a pile of compost, with a black bird that watches from behind a window. 

The performance brings together Kowalchuk with longtime collaborator Mimi McGurl (dramaturg and director), guest artist DJ Tikka Masala (Janhavi Pakrashi) on sound design, composer Rima Fand, animation artist Phyllis Lehrer, choreographer, Erin Dudley, and the genius support of Jess Beveridge as Blackbird Technika. 

Behold this Compost! Behold it well! Today, on this humid humus, an actor stands before you because I am human and because I am an actor I like to stand before other humans in hubris, humor, and humility.

Pontine - DEARLY EARNED copy

Pontine Theatre
March 17 - 26

In celebration of Portsmouth’s 400th anniversary, Pontine Theatre offers a brand new staging of Dearly Earned, which originally premiered in 2001. The play explores the lives and experiences of 19th century textile mill workers, with a special emphasis on Portsmouth’s own Sagamore Mill and Portsmouth Steam Factory. 

The text is drawn entirely from historical sources – letters, diaries and newspaper articles of the period – including correspondence from the archives of the Lowell National Historical Park. These letters express the hopes and fears of the writers and reveal the difficulties of their working lives in the mills of New England. 

Clippings from 19th century papers, The Daily Morning Chronicle and the Portsmouth Journal provide a snapshot of Portsmouth’s cotton steam mills and tell a forgotten story of the working families who once lived in the tenements of the West End and toiled in the industrial buildings along the North Mill Pond.

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