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Welcome to Pontine Theatre

For over 35 years, Pontine Theatre has been an active particpant in the development of actor-based theatre, creating work that is engaging, innovative and original. Pontine's work is founded on the concept that the actor should function as a creative (rather than interpretive) artist, and that the name actor dictates action (movement) as a primary tool. Co-Artistic Directors, M. Marguerite Mathews and Gregory Gathers, have produced over 50 original works. Creating and performing these works, Pontine has introduced their unique form of theatre to audiences throughout New England, transforming audience interest in mime, puppetry, literature, and history into enthusiasm for this distinctive synthesis of forms.

The word pontine is derived from the Latin pontus - a bridge. In psychology, pontine is a process, a connection activated in sleep; a bridge over which dream images travel.

For more information about Pontine Theatre please contact:

M. Marguerite Mathews & Greg Gathers, Co-Artistic Directors
Pontine / West End Studio Theatre
959 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Voice: 603-436-6660
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