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Circle of Donor Advisors

Gillian Aguilar
Sarah Gnerre
Norman Henderson
Luke Hill
Peggy & Kevin Hodges
John & Lee Lamson
Michael McGinley
Jane Porter
Dave & Ellie Sanderson
Leonard Seagren
Sue & Bob Thoresen
Diane Woods

Board of Trustees

Greg Gathers, President
Marguerite Mathews, Vice-President
Ellen Breed, Secretary/Treasurer
Gillian Aguilar
Gail Drobnyk

Major Contributors

Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Chris Dwyer & Michael Huxtable
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Market Basket
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Piscataqua Region
New Hampshire Humanities Council
New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
Piscataqua Landscaping
Piscataqua Savings Bank

Co-Artistic Directors

Greg Gathers &
M. Marguerite Mathews

Pontine Theatre is supported by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts

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